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Presentations: My life

6th grade students created presentations to tell us about them and to practice the past and present tense. They did the presentations with the programme LibreOffice Impress adding photos of their lives. They did it amazingly great!

Irregular verbs by 6th grade!

Students represent irregular verbs to practise! Learn, practise and enjoy!


Halloween dance!

On Wednesday 31st October, we danced ‘Halloween stomp’. Listen and practice!

A day in the life of the Queen!

In 5th grade, we practise present simple with the Queen’s routine. We use our small whiteboards and complete the routine of the Queen Elizabeth II. Students do a great job. Well done! 

My daily routines!

In 5th grade, we practise our daily routines with hoops. We tell the time of our routines and we compare it with one partner. If we do one routine at the same time we put it in the middle of the two hopps. They have fun and practise English orally!

Easter egg contest!


Our school has filled with spectacular Easter eggs. It has been wonderful to walk along the corridors and see the decorated eggs with so much affecttion and care. For that reason, all the eggs are the winners. It’s impossible for us to decide only one winner per class. Families and children, be satisfied with your great work! Here you have some photos of the contest. Thank you very much for your participation! Happy Easter!

Let’s talk about California!

5th grade students are learning about some cities in the world.

Michelle and Ana came to our school to tell us about California and some curiosities. Students listened American English and they participated actively trying to speak in English all the time. Thank you Michelle and Ana for coming!

What time is it?

We’ve got lot of games to practise the time. They know how to tell the time perfectly! Well done!

We love ICT!

We practise ICT in the mobile classroom with the laptops. We spend a fantastic time and students practise English in other way.

Our comics with Pixton!

Students of 5th grade created a comic with the App Pixton. Last December, they designed in classrooom their comic with the characters, dialogues and scenes that they chose. Now, the comics are displayed in our corridor. Look at the pictures. They are amazing!

Peace Day!

Here you can watch a video of the activity that students of 5th and 6th did for the Peace Day!

Time review!

Teachers use many different ways to evaluate. In this case, we did a Kahoot to evaluate telling the time. 4th grade students  must complete a template with the correct anwers. They did it excellent!

Funny dictation in 5th!

Look how students of 5th do this activity to practice the 4 skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing!


Let’s practice numbers with BINGO!

A good way to practice and remember the numbers in English is playing the game Bingo. Students of 3rd grade do it amazingly!

Telling the time!

Students of 4th are learning to tell the time in English. They played this boardgame in pairs to practise it. They have fun and dit it very well!

Sports lapbook!

Each student of 4th grade have created a lapbook for the unit of sports. The lapbooks are fantastic! Here you have some of them.

Post it game!

Students of 5th grade are learning comparative and superlative adjectives. With this game, they play by teams and they have to write in 3 minutes as much as possible adjectives in post it notes and paste them in the blackboard. They have fun and learn. We love it!

Funny dictation!

Students of 4th grade made a very different dictation. By pairs, student A must dictate to student B a text that is far. Who is the winner? The fastest! They had a great time practising the fours skills: reading, speaking, listening and writing.

Let’s create a comic!

Students of 5th grade are creating a comic in classroom with the App Pixton. They are designing their comic with the characters, dialogues and scenes that they choose. An excellent way to put in practise the vocabulary about daily routines and practise ICT with the laptops.

Learn to play and play to learn!

In our English classes, we learn playing lots of different games. In 3rd grade, we play the game ‘Guess my name’ to practise the grammar structure: Has she got….? Yes, she has or No, she hasn’t. Students learn and practise English at the same time that they play.

Theatre in English!

The students of Primary Education enjoyed the plays in English ‘The teeth, the mouse and the monster’ for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades, and ‘The time machine’ for 5th and 6th grades.

Everybody spent a fantastic time and they participated actively!

Halloween Party!

We celebrated a Halloween party at school. Children played funny Halloween games organised by students of 5th and 6th of Primary Education. Everybody practised English in the best possible way, playing!

We spent a terrific funny time! Thanks to the families for your collaboration with the accesories and costumes.

Here you can see more pictures.

Halloween Storytelling!

On Halloween, we read the fantastic story Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson.

A well-known witch came to our classes for the storytelling and we took some pictures with her and her broom, wand and bow!

English Week!

The students from 5th and 6th grade have spent great days at the end of the year trip: English Week. During this week they have a lot of fun, they have shared, laughed and learnt a lot together. A very positive experience for all that they will remember forever.

Here you are a proof of how they spent practising English with the native monitors and practising multiadventure activities, water sports, horse riding, pool and beach games, cooperative activities… And to finish the trip off, PortAventura.

Until next time!

You can see more photos of the trip here.

Let’s talk with Michelle!

This week we received the visit of Michelle, a native teacher that told lot of fantastic and funny stories to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th. 5th and 6th grades. We spent a great time listening to real English, with puppets, songs, dances and stories. Our students were very participative attentive. Thank you Michelle for coming!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The students of 6th grade wrote 100 hundred reasons why we love school to celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day. You can see the fantastic display in their building. It’s great to see that they are happy here. We love them too!

Cinema at school!

The students of 3rd grade enjoyed a lot the ‘Cinema afternoon’ watching the film Trolls. They had a funny time listening to native English and even they ate popcorn! We spent a fantastic afternoon!

Let’s play and learn!

The children of 4th grade have spent a great time playing the game BINGO. A funny way to revise numbers in English. Look how concentrated they are!

Halloween Party!

On Thursday afternoon, the preschoolers had fun with a Halloween party full of games organized by the students of 6th of Primary Education. The youngest students of the school learnt English with the help of the oldest ones, who taught them Halloween vocabulary in the best possible way, playing. Everybody spent a terrific funny time!

Thanks to the families for your collaboration with the costumes!

 You can see more photos here.

2016 Pumpkin Contest!

As you can see on the pictures, the school has been full of great and original pumpkins. They show your time and care to make them. Thank you very much for your participation in this pumpkin contest! It has been a great success and children have been very excited during these days. Happy Halloween!

You can see more photos here.

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